Free Steam Mecha Model

Toposolitario has uploaded a terrific free paper model of a steam mecha. It comes in several colors and varieties and would fit in with a steampunk, Weird WWI or Weird WWII theme.

Making A Skull Cave

Terrain Thralls has an illustrated tutorial on making an impressive Skull Cave terrain feature.

Dipping Genestealers

The Tabletop Terrain Blog has a nice post on using a dip to speed up the painting of Genestealers for the new Space Hulk game.

A Coat of Steel Wars of the Roses Rules

The always amazing Perfect Captain has released A Coat of Steel, a set of free wargames rules for the Wars of the Roses. There’s also a campaign game called “A Crown of Paper.”

Making Wire Trees

The DC 2150 Blog has an entry on making wire trees.