Welcome To The MiniatureWargaming Shopping Portal.

This sub-site takes a feed from the vast Ebay wargames listings, parses them through some software and divides the results into categories based on armies and periods. The goal is to make browsing for your favorite wargames subjects easier.

To use the site, check the categories in the sidebar at the right. It may need to be expanded to see the full settings.

It's a work in progress. At this point, only broad categories are listed. The eventual goal is to also include figures sorted by scale and manufacturer, as well as including books, board games and role playing games. That is, everything about games that interests me. Not video games, though. No interest in those.

There is no cost for browsing these listings, either to the buyer or to the seller. If you do purchase something through the links, though, MiniatureWargaming.Com receives a (very) small commission from Ebay's profits, which go to help cover this site's hosting costs.

I also should note that none of the items listed here are for sale by either myself or this site. Every link is a third party seller, and I neither endorse, nor condemn any of them. Thus, please do your due diligence as you would with any online purchase. I do not, and cannot, offer any warranties, remedies or relief. This is simply offered as a service.

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