Historic Maps Of Africa

Here’s a nice collection of historic maps of Africa. I have for some time wanted to purchase a pile of those Foundry Darkest Africa figures and set forth on adventures on the Dark Continent.

Making Garden Patches

The I See Lead People blog has a photo tutorial on making a garden patch.

15mm WWII German Propaganda Posters

The 15mm Paint Shack has a couple of pages of German propaganda posters scaled for 15mm. You can print these and use them to embellish your WWII terrain.

Making A Ruined Building

Here’s a photo tutorial on making a ruined building. It’s intended for Mordheim, but the technique are universal.

No Man’s Land: A Solitary Game of WWI Sniping

No Man’s Land is a solitaire card game that’s supposed to simulate being a sniper in the Great War.