Border War Fantasy Skirmish Rules

Border War is a set of fantasy skirmish rules.

The Chaco War 1932 – 1935 Wargames Rules

The Chaco War is a set of free wargames rules based on Phil Barker’s DBA. It’s designed to let players fight out the 1932 – 1935 Chaco War, which was fought over control of great part of the Gran Chaco region of South America, which was incorrectly thought to be rich in oil.

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Mimi and Toutou Go Forth WWI Naval Rules

Mimi and Toutou Go Forth is a set of simple naval rules for WWI naval battles on Lake Tanganyika. Obscure, to be sure, but intriguing.

Heroes of Victoria’s Empire

Heroes of Victoria’s Empire is Bob Cordery’s

set of Colonial wargames rules specifically written to reflect the importance of heroic individuals (and villains!) during the expansion of the British Empire. The rules were written with the objective that they should be fun, and should enable a battle to be fought to a conclusion in no more than two hours using approximately 60 – 100 15mm-scale individually-based figures on a small tabletop (3¼ foot x 2½ foot/100 cm x 75 cm). It was also important that they should enable the story of the battle to unfold in front of the players.

Restless Natives Colonial Rules

Restless Natives is a set of free wargames rules for playing wargames in the colonial period. They’re intended for 15mm figures, and use a card-based movement and special events system.