Breaking News Free Modern Skirmish Rules

Breaking News is a set of free wargames rules for modern skirmishes. From the introduction:

BN recreates the tension of today’s battlefields, scenes of difficult operations that are often called “peace keeping” missions, with the additional presence of civilians and the media.

In BN the main elements are the men and their choices on the field – these rules are not a “brochure” containing all the features of modern weapons.

BN is designed for “one-off” simulations. Build up your unit with group of miniatures and spend other points on EXTRAS (support fire, intelligence, rules of engagement…)

White Steeds and Seax

White Steeds and Seax is a variant of the Dark Age Infantry Slog rules, which include rules for cavalry.

Twilight Small Scale Skirmish Rules

Hasslefree Miniatures has a trial set of their Twilight Small Scale Skirmish miniatures rules.

NapNuts Western Gunfight Rules

The Napnuts’ Chew Boon Longe has a set of free wargames rules for western gunfights.

Unbreakable Future Ground Combat Miniatures Rules

Unbreakable is a set of free wargames rules for

a game of futuristic ground combat for 2 players. Each player assembles a platoon of crawlers, walkers, and powered armor squads and equips them with nukes, stasis rays, lasers, and more. Then the platoons meet in combat where they unleash terrible powers of overwhelming destruction. Fortunately, no one gets hurt. Thanks to amazing leaps in materials technology, the battlefield of the future will no longer be a dangerous place (for the combatants).