Crimson Dusk Universal Rules

Crimson Dusk is a new set of science fiction wargames rules. The author writes:

Welcome to Crimson Dusk. Crimson Dusk is a wargames ruleset for tabletop games. These exciting rules cover actions from skirmish level to platoon level. Command your troops onwards as you confront enemy forces, design your armies, and equip them with a miriad of weapons.

Crimson Dusk is a ruleset that allows you to take whatever models you have in your collection, in any scale and use them in wargames. The rules contain full listings for how to design your troops and set points cost to them so you can compete against your friends for mastery of the tabletop. And the great news is that the rules are entirely free to downlaod and share.

The rules are still under development, but on the Rules page you can see how far we’ve come. The current version is not yet the 1st edition, but a working copy, much more will be added to and developed before it is finally released, but take a look and tell us what you think in the forum. This could be your chance to influence how a rulesset is developed.

Quick Tricorne Rules

Fr. Aelred Glidden offers a set of fast play rules for the Seven Years War. I miss reading his articles in the now lamented MWAN magazine.

Pikes and Gendarmes

Pikes and Gendarmes is a set of big battle rules that had their origin as a variant of Larry Brom’s seminal The Sword and The Flame. This is set, obviously, in the Renaissance era.

Galactic Heroes Star Wars Rules

Galactic Heroes is a set of rules for playing game set in the Star Wars universe. The author uses those chunky three inch “Star Wars Galactic Heroes” figures, but any would work well. The author writes:

Galactic Heroes is a friendly game for 2-6 players, ages 6 and up. Each turn, players move their action figures around the table, exploring by flipping over Tokens that could be an enemy, a trap, or even something valuable. When a player successfully deals with an encounter, they collect the token. When all the tokens are collected, the game ends and the player with the most tokens wins!

Hoplon 3 Miniatures Rules

Hoplon 3 is a nicely done set of ancients rules for large scale battles. Once commercially published, these now are available for free. The authors write:

The HOPLON rule system was designed from the start to use many of the troop types, mechanisms and army composition lists of DBM, while re-introducing those aspects of ancient warfare that have been lost through the pursuit of championship competitiveness. This allows players who wish to wargame utilizing realistic tactics, without having to sacrifice their competition-designed armies, to do so. HOPLON is by no means a DBM derivative in that it significantly differs in a number of crucial areas:
opponents move and fight �simultaneously� and can do so either organized into units or as unformed elements; various troop types may evade or break-off, all may flee or pursue, making the battlefield far more fluid and, at times, less predictable; shooting has received special attention and all troops that could do so may use this to their advantage, but purely missile troops may be limited in hand-to-hand combat; elite troops are truly capable when compared to untrained levies and can be devastating if
handled properly, and, although the PiP system is retained, better commanders have the ability to influence the mobility of their troops beyond the roll of a single die �at a price.