Dead and Alive Zombie Game

From the website:

Dead & Alive s a solitaire game of survival in a Zombie infested town. It is a stripped down travel version of a multi-player boardgame I created.

It all went wrong driving into town. A kid stepped out from between two parked cars. I tried to stop in time, but I couldn�t. I got out of the car and he was still moving. He was alive� but it was all wrong. His arms and legs were broken in impossible angles, but he was still alive and moving and� oh lord. I heard something and looked up, they were coming, all these shuffling people covered in blood and bite marks. Then the kid started squirming, teeth snapping� I just ran, ran for the nearest house to hide� the radio said some sort of virus had escaped, and the Coast Guard was ferrying people off the island. I heard a window smash below, I gotta find something to fight with. There are more of them moving towards this house now. If I can only get out of here alive�

In a town filled with zombies you move building to building looking for weapons to help you survive and maybe find another survivor to aid you…as well as roving packs of zombies looking to feed. The game is different every time you play and is only 2 pages. You will need the rules, 2d6 a piece of graph paper and a pencil to play.

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