Burning Plastic Toy Soldiers Rules

Burning Plastic is a set of free wargames rules for plastic army men. The authors write:

Burning Plastic is a fun, intense war game that uses soft plastic toy soldiers as troops. it is a well thought out game that goes into a lot of depth. It includes 9 different soldier types.
Anti Tank Gunner
The game allows you to use both vehicles and infantry. There are even rules for the use of paratroopers and hand to hand combat. Artilery can be in play. as well as planes and helicopters. We have developed a special point system to make armies fair. Battles can have as many as 100 troops on each side or 20 on each side. Pretty much any type of environment can be uses to play this game. Even just the basic living room floor. If you get serious enough you might want to make a gaming table with realistic terrain. The choices are endless.” title=”Burning Plastic”>Burning Plastic is a set of free wargames rules for games with plastic toy soldiers.

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