Making Stands of Trees

Dramatic Katastases has a nice, if brief, post on making stands of trees. I think I'm going to convert a few of the trees I have on washers over to this setup. They will be more stable and add a little something to the table.

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France 1914 Board Game

Lou Coatney's France 1914 is a free print-and-play, hex-and-counter boardgame of the German attack on France in 1914.

A Two Tone Painting Tutorial

Here's a tutorial on a very effective two tone painting technique:

Part 1

Part 2

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Battlefield Britain: Hastings

This episode of battlefield: Britain focuses on the Battle of Hastings

Cloudships Of Mars

Cloudships of Mars is a set of free wargames rules based on the excellent Space: 1889 universe. The Cloudships game features ships propelled by steam and sail gliding high above the plains of Mars thanks to the magic of "Liftwood."

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