MenhirGames: indiegogo mini funding campaing
Posted: 17 August 2013 07:20 PM   [ Ignore ]
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Hi everyone, i want to share with you this little but not for that less promissing campaing: Menhir Games need your help to raise funds to “level up” and go SOLID with their proyects, this is, buying machinery, materials and hiring 3D sculptors and putty sculptors to make miniatures for their incoming first game. Based on that, they offer digital or printed copies of desings of what are going to be the future miniatures in 1,60 - 28mm scale. The genre is a mix of historical with mithological and fantasy “touches”.Also they offer a mini P&P turn based tabletop game in digital or printed mode in the perks. Thats all for now. You can really help by sharing the campaing!  Automatically Appended Next Post:well, some desings of course: