Apostolos Christian Board Game

Apostolos is a print-and-play board game in which you build churches, guard them against false teachings, deal with persecution, and raise up more workers to make more churches. For 2 - 4 players.

SMART Gaming Fantasy and Medieval Rules

SMART stands for Simple Miniature Adventure Rules and Tactics. They're a set of free wargames rules for fantasy and medieval gaming.

One Page Fantasy Skirmish 2nd Edition

The second edition of One Page Fantasy Skirmish has been released.

Coreheim: Mordheim Updated Rulebook

Coreheim is an updated rulebook for the venerable Games Workshop Mordheim system. I liked Mordheim (and its predecessor, Necromunda). I should get them out again to play.

Modeling Security Fences

18 Charlie has a photo tutorial on modeling security fences. These would look great on a modern, post-modern, or apocalyptic battlefield.

Part 1

Part 2