Indiana Jones: The Animated Series

No it is not really a series, but merely a fan-made "trailer" for a non-existent cartoon show.

Nonetheless, it is full of pulp goodness.

Riot Control Police Work Like Ancient Battle Line

I have seen different sources for this video variously claiming that it is either of German, or Korean riot control police. In any case, it is an impressive demonstration of tactics that surely would have been familiar to a well-disciplined ancients army. This has it all -- reinforcing and refreshing of lines, forward movement, retreat ...

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Farkle Rules

Farkle is sold as a commercial game that includes dice and cups. It is actually a folk game that has been known under various names, such as Cosmic Wimpout, Hot Dice, Greed, Zonk and Darsh. There are a wide variety of variations, but the basic rules are here.

You could buy the commercial version, however, most gamers have all the dice needed at home.

Red Flags and Iron Crosses

Bob Corderey offers Red Flags and Iron Crosses, a set of free wargames rules for playing World War II games in 20mm. The rules focus on small actions between Soviet and German forces.

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Wash Blending Tutorial

Here's a nice, short video demonstrating a wash blending technique.